Pearl Jam Mookie Blaylock Shirt

hde has rare gem for Pearl Jam collectors. This is the highly collectible Mookie Blaylock Pearl Jam shirt. For those of you that don’t know Pearl Jam use to be called Mookie Blaylock. The album title “Ten” is also a tribute to him. I believe this might have been an early Ten Club shirt, but don’t quote me.

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Check out the video for explanation on Mookie.

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  1. Eric
    Posted July 21, 2013 at 2:01 am | Permalink

    Not sure about ten club. But when pearl Jam played trees nightclub in Dallas these were given out as promo items. The show before hand featured a record listening release party. I am sure someone can find the date. The band hung out all day shooting hoops inside the club with balls and nets purchased that day locally by the cbs record interns that were hosting the band that day. Wish I still had mine . my friends and I all owned a couple after that gig

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