Summer Sh*t Hits The Ice

When you bought a shirt (usually at the mall in the early to mid-90s) and you saw that “Giant” brand tag, you knew you were getting something good. Also during this time period, bands and companies (namely Blue Grape) were printing up hockey jerseys to sell and why wouldn’t the biggest metal band in the world, Metallica, jump in as well? When I saw them in 1994, I can’t remember if they were selling these but they were selling the tshirt version of this Pushead design (which I bought and still own) so it’s very possible they were. fasinfrankvintage‘s jersey is in pretty good shape with just a few blemishes and it’s still relatively cheap for what it is. Great set list at that show by the way. They opened with Breadfan, played Disposable Heroes and covered Rapid Fire from Judas Priest with Rob Halford on vocals…Suicidal also played. It was a good day.

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