Rare Soundgarden “Black Rain” Shirt

This Soundgarden shirt may not look like much, but trust me to a Soundgarden collector its rare. Back in 2010 when Soundgarden announced their reunion they also announced the release of a b-side track from the album “Badmotorfinger”. The song titled “Black Rain” was written back in the early 90’s and was recorded as a demo with Terry Date. The song never made the album, and was locked away never to see the light of day, that is until 2010. This would mark the first new/old Soundgarden song in 12 years. Once their website was up and a new fanclub established their was talk of possibly releasing merchandise. Hot Topic some how had the rights and released these “Black Rain” shirts. The shirts were only available for a month or two and then were discontinued. Soundgarden teamed up with Pearl Jam’s management and decided to exclusively sell their shirts through their own web store. These shirts were never made available through Soundgarden. So if you are a true fan and need this shirt in your collection you better take joeacula up on his BIN.

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