Vintage 90’s Concert Shirts Metallica, Beastie Boys, Tool, & Soundgarden Lot Of 15

belalcazar666 is selling a t-shirt lot. There are some really good shirts in this lot. The best part is you can buy this take apart the lot and sell it of individually.

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1. Deftones-2003 tour,austin music hall,XL-SOFT,no holes rips or stains.

2. Rage Against The Machine -no tag,XL,*pin hole tear where tag used to be,heavy cotton,1* pin hole bottom L side from early 90’s

3.SOUNDGARDEN,XL,no holes rips or stains,some fading,some cracking on red, from 90’s when Lp was released,VERY RARE,XL

4.VAn HAlen,XL,1995,*2 blemishes 1 on collar(but pretty sure its part of the tie-dye,not sure however), 1 by top left of image,blend in with shirt however since shirt is tie-dye,but there none the less.NO TAG,*2 blemishes on bottom leftof shirt 1 inch above seam.XL.

5.APC-from 2001,slight/minimal fading,NO holes rips or stains,XL

6.TOOL-Lateraules tour, think form 01 or 02, slight/minmal fading-No holes rips or stains,XL.

7.Rolling stones-XL, babylon 97/98 tour,* missing sleeves/cut off,* 2 brownish blemishes, on backside, could be bleached out.XL

8.Metallica,1996 tour,slight fading, NO holes rips or stains,GOLDS still have flashy metallics left in the ink.

9.Jimmie Vaughan,XL,from 1999, Worn 1 time, No holes rips or stains.

10.Blood Hound Gang- No holes rips or stains, Slight fading,RARE shirt, very cool,XL

11.Paul McCartney,1993 world tour,Xl, *MULTIPLE ISSUES,pin holes throuought,medium tear on front by belly, dirty on front,bottom seamcame undone,4 slightly biger pinholes on back by top collar in a row, slight pinkish blemish under TOUR on the front, Again has several issues but still has life to it, unique & great for a fan,Nice & soft and overall good shape for a shirt that is 20 years old.

12.The Posies ,95,XL,no holes or rips, BUT several light blemishes on back and bottom front CAN possibly be taken out w/ proper wash care,Drawn by same artist who did Archie comics.

13.BEASTIE BOYS,from 1999, from a NEW YORK show, NO tag,XL,nice & soft, fading/cracking on white ink, a few holes through out the shirt 2 noticeable by top coller,1 back of right shoulder, 1on bottom of back by lower seam, few dark blemishes(which blend in with shirt) shrt has several issues BUT it was a well loved/worn shirt & graet for a fan,this is a RARE 1 also since it was sold on their N>Y tour exclusively.

14.MUSTARD PLUG-xl,2 pin holes belowfront decal,slight fading, but nothing major.

15.FISHBONE,96 vans warped tour,1st warped tour, xxl-but fits like an xl,no holes or rips, a few blemishes but can be washed out

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