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Come As You Are

I know this particular Nirvana shirt has been reprinted to death but thedowntownman gives a nice, big photo of that Giant brand tag so you know it’s original. Man, I miss seeing those Giant tags on every shirt at the mall…this one is ending relatively soon so if you want to add this to your […]

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In Vertigo You Will Be

In honor of Metallica‘s upcoming performance on Howard Stern, easy_vintage brings you my personal favorite Metallica tee. I had this when I was 14 but I think I gave it away (what the hell was I thinking?). Killer Pushead artwork for one of the best Metallica songs of the post-Cliff era. Definitely one I’d like […]

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Louder Than Chicago

I like it when bands go back and put a new twist on an old design like Soundgarden did with their classic “Louder Than Love” design. This was printed up for the 2010 edition of Lollapolooza. Looks brand new and you gotta appreciate the fact that, as a vintage seller, brownswinitall didn’t jack up the […]

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Dance The Night Away

Why hello wyco_vintage, my old friend. Your prices still upset me and the items you manage to pull out upset me more. How about a 1979 Van Halen tee? Ever since my wife got me XM Radio for our anniversary, I listen to Ozzy’s Boneyard constantly and I get my fair share of Van Halen […]

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‘Cause At 5 O’Clock They Take Me To The Gallows Pole,

I think we all can agree that Iron Maiden‘s “Live After Death” is easily one of the finest live records ever recorded. Great setlist, the Churchill intro, the full Rime Of The Ancient Mariner…yeah, pretty much speaks for itself. Eddie is one of of the most iconic characters in metal and the cover for this […]

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Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

I was supposed to see Nirvana on this tour. Well not exactly THIS tour but the In Utero tour. They were on tour with the Breeders and they played Bayfront Park in Bayside (downtown Miami). I was 14, just about the turn 15 and my mom pulled the “It’s a Monday and you have school […]

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Let Freedom Ring With A Shotgun Blast On Metal Monday

I had this Machine Head shirt when I was in high school (10th grade I think). I honestly have no clue what happened to it…I wish I still had it honestly. What a killer record. Know The Score played last night and did the intro to “Davidian”…in my head, I was moshing. motorcityfive doesn’t say […]

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Heaven and Hell

Ask any Black Sabbath fan and 9 out of 10 will tell you that Ozzy was Sabbath. I, on the other hand, prefer Dio. I was a naysayer for years until I really sat down and listened to Dio Sabbath and my mind was blown. It just clicked for me. I’m not saying it’s better, […]

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I Used To Think That The Day Would Never Come

Shipping costs have detered me from purchasing anything outside the US (hell, even in the US its expensive) but I just shipped a record to the UK and it cost about the same as ssposse is asking for this New Order tee. Brutal. I’ve recently rediscovered New Order and would love to own this tee […]

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Green Day Vintage Trio

Unlike many of my peers, I did not leave Green Day behind when they shifted their sound. In fact, I thought “21st Century Breakdown” was one of the best records they’ve ever released. I know I’m in the minority and I’m okay with that. If you didn’t like that record, well optic-nerve‘s got you because […]

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