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Pink Floyd ending soon!

Next year Garvey and I are going to a kosher BBQ fest in Long Island, maybe we will see seller koshercollectibles there eating fine brisket sandwiches. I feel like Pink Floyd shirts from 1988 are pretty easy to find, but there are so many designs from that year. This is a pretty cool one thats […]

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I wish all of the INXS shirts I’m searching for were up for a great BIN like this shirt that vintage_outfitters is selling. I would have already hopped on it if I didn’t have two of them already. INXS is one of my most popular eBay searches and I always hope the shirts I’m looking […]

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Growing and growing

I was watching this AC/DC shirt that mhbowman3 was selling and everytime I check back to it the price keeps rising. I’m kind of surprised that its over $30, because I got mine for so cheap before. If you’re into this AC/DC shirt then head on over. I’m still hoping to find that other Heat […]

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The Cure ending super soon

This Cure shirt that naked_farmer is selling is ending pretty soon and it has no bids as of right now! Its under $20 and thats a great deal! The only bad thing is that its a one size fits all and that means that its huge. If you’re looking for a huge shirt then here […]

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Heart 1982 BIN

I love purple shirts! I wish I had way more, I also wish I had more Deep Purple shirts, but thats for another post. Here we have a Heart shirt being sold by angelo4623. Its at a decent starting asking price, but also has a BIN under $50.

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People like Bruce Springsteen

So many people love Bruce Springsteen, he is not my cup of tea whatsoever. Seller buddys-hawaiian-shirts has a shirt from 84-85 for BIN and it seems pretty reasonable for a shirt that people go would go gaga for. Here you go you NJ lovers.

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Quiet Riot BIN

You can BANGGGG YOUR HEADDDDD while you BIN or bid on this Quiet Riot shirt that tribonn1 is selling. Coming from the Mental Health tour a $40 BIN is a pretty great deal.

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Metallica twofer

Tiny Metallica shirt heaven! Well maybe this just might be my heaven over here, because I don’t think any one else here can fit in a small. First one is being sold by mustachejack and I have a shirt with this front design, but its HUGE. Its one of my PJ shirts, it could even […]

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Van Halen twins

This is a shirt that I really like, its one that I own, but I wish I had the one that whataboutevie is selling. I feel like it would fit me way better, too bad I couldn’t work out a trade. If you want a bigger one then the one that dibeninc is selling is […]

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Just in time for Halloween

When I was poking around on eBay I came across this Devo costume that alabamaart2012 is selling. This one is one of the most complete ones I’ve found while searching through Devo stuff. I will be in Vegas around Halloween, maybe I will spot one of these.

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